EVA - Email Validator

The email validation service for your web platforms

Verify your emails to save on your marketing budget and protect your sender reputation.

Keep your system free from fake or disposable email accounts. Deploy a plugin integration or simply connect via the API and you're all set.

It's that easy!

Start validating now. Pick your integration!

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Create Account

Easy to use options available right from your account dashboard

Single Validation

Simply enter an email address and we will instantly validate it for you! We will not charge you for validating the same email multiple times within a 2 days period.

File Validation

Upload a .csv or .txt file containing a list of emails you need validated. We'll process it and notify you via email once it is done so you can download the validated list!


Generate and manage multiple API keys for your domains. For API validations either grab one of our Integrations and install them on your platform, or directly call the API(for developers).


We use Stripe for secure payment transactions. Everytime you purchase credits you will see it listed on your dashboard, with a direct link to its respective receipt on Stripe.

Usage Data

Get instant insights about how your credits are being used: processed validations per day over the last 15 days, Charged vs Free validations and API calls vs direct Web validations.


EVA stores the minimum necessary information for the shortest possible time. If you need to know what emails you validated yesterday, don't ask us, we wouldn't be able to tell. For more information on how we handle your email validations, read the FAQ's.