How do I validate emails?
You have 3 options: 'Single validation', 'Bulk Validation' and through 'API' calls. For Single and Bulk Validations just follow this and this links, respectively. For API validations either grab one of our Integrations or directly call the API (for developers).
How can I purchase more credits?
You can purchase through our pricing page. Simply select the option that best suits your validation needs. Once the order is complete, your Credits will be immediately available.
Why do I have to pay for some of the Integrations?
You don't!! Official EVA integrations are free! Always! If you're asked to pay for an Integration, it is not official!
How does the Bulk Validation work exactly?
It is simple: upload a txt file containing exactly one email address per line and click 'Start'. We'll start the validation process in the background and notify you via email once it is done.
At this point you can download the list, that now has the validation results appended. All this in the 'Bulk Validation' page!
What information do you store, how and for how long?
EVA stores information related to your account (name, email), your account balance (purchases, validations) and statistical data.
This information we keep for as long as you have an account with us. One key point is that we do not store the emails you send to us for validation. Instead we store an hashed version, meaning we cannot trace back to the original email. This hashed version is enough to provide all of our services.
There is however an exception to this when we handle Bulk Validations: in this scenario we need to keep the original emails so we can send them back to you, but, as soon as you delete the file from your list—ideally after downloading :)—these emails will be completly removed from our system.
Can I talk to a real person?
Sure, pick one
Ok, seriously if you have any questions please send us an email, we will gladly answer them within 24 hours. Thank you!